FTU Investment Arbitration Moot


What is FIAM?

FIAM, which stands for FTU Investment Arbitration Moot, is an Investment moot court competition, held for the first time by the Faculty of Law of Foreign Trade University with the support of EU – MUTRAP Project, UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and Clinical Legal Education (FTU – CLE). FIAM is also a great opportunity for Law students to put knowledge and skills into practice, especially litigation skill according to International modal.


As there is an increasing number of disputes related to Investment in the international integration nowadays, it is extremely necessary to be fully and appropriately equipped and updated with legal knowledge. Simultaneously, by having a thorough grasp of Investment Law and knowing how to apply them in practice, students can have more advantages in competing in future working environment as well as taking part in breaking the barriers that inhibit our national economic development. Therefore, FIAM will become a friendly playground among students, where they can show not only their knowledge about Investment Law, their competence but also capability of analyzing and solving an issue along with rhetoric and improvising skills in a real arbitration moot.

Competition details:

Deadline: 23:59, 10/9/2016

There are two rounds in the competition:

  • Elimination round (01/10/2016 – 15/11/2016)

– Submit the memorandum and a record video for Claimant by 23:59, 15/10/2016

– Submit the memorandum for Respondent by 23:59, 10/11/2016

After evaluating, the judges will choose 4 teams for the Final round

  • Final round (16/12/2016)

– Morning: Experience sharing seminar

– Afternoon: Semi-Final (Choose two teams for the Final round)

– Evening: The Final round

For more information about the rules and the case, please see at:(Coming soon)

Contact us:

Email: fiam@ftu.edu.vn

Fanpage of FTU Faculty of Law: https://www.facebook.com/LuatFTU/

Website: law.ftu.edu.vn/en/

Hotline: (+84) 38356800 (ext. 284)