Introduction of Law Consultant Club LCC




lcc1Law Consultant Club – Foreign Trade University (also known as LCC) has officially come into operation since March 3rd, 2007 with the help of Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Mo as the founding father, who is the former Principal of Foreign Trade University and a distinguished arbitrator at Vietnam International Arbitration Centre VIAC.


LCC has become an ideal destination for law majors and whoever is interested in this amazing field in the past 5 years. Also, LCC has been doing its utmost to become one of the most prestigious law clubs in Hanoi with the backup from dedicated teachers and enterprises. What’s more, we are now in partnership with Creative Commons Vietnam Project which is aimed at building up culture of sharing and socializing solutions to copyright protection while encouraging authors to share as many innovative products as possible with the community, especially in the high-tech environment nowadays. The project was founded by Vietnam Education Fund and now sponsored by Vietnam Association of Young Scientists and Engineers with Dr. Nghiem Quoc Bao – General Secretary of Vietnam Intellectual Property Organization as the Chairman. 

  II.                 ACTIVITIES


Apart from expertise topics – focused meetings between members, LCC has successfully organized a lot of meaningful events, which has confirmed the importance of law in our daily lives such as 10th Anniversary Gala of Business Administration Faculty (also known as the first Soul of Law contest), Seminar “Some legal issues on the establishment and organization of a joint stock company” (January 2010) and Workshop “Looking back on Vietnam’s entry into WTO and questions posed to the students” held two months later.


The year 2011 was marked off with flourishing improvements when a myriad of seminars and workshops were consecutively successfully held which attracted a number of students and law-lovers as well, namely “Law and Life” (October 2011), “I hate fake books – Fake books vs authentic books” (March 2011), “ I go to work – What you should know about enterprises” (November 2011), …lcc3


Following up those activities, we organized a workshop on “Disputes in export and import – Things to keep in mind” with the presence of the media, distinguished speakers and guests in May 2012, which found an echo in the hearts of many of more than 200 students.




Honestly speaking, our LCC does not merely offer “a destination for law-lovers” as specified in the principle, but also awakens many other business majors’ interest in law. Moreover, LCC has built up relationships with a variety of law firms in Hanoi with the promise of high-quality human resource in the field of law and law consultation.




Our most well known activity is the Competition: Soul of Law – the biggest annual event of our club. With its main target at all Law students over Hanoi, SOL is a professional playground for any talents in the field- those who continuously look for opportunities to broaden knowledge and embrace challenges.lcc4

SOL 2012 with the theme Intellectual Property has successfully made its way into the heart of all the audiences and participants of the Game. After 3 harsh rounds held for more than one month with critical and careful criteria, 9 best contestants did burn the stage and convince the judges and audiences by their sharp minds, logical ideas, articulation and skills that any aspiring lawyer requires


lcc7(Picture of the Winner with caption: Valknut( winner) impressed everyone by their capability, creativity together with solidarity )





SOL 2013 with a brand new theme surely promises to be another pride of LCC and the Faculty of Law.

In the near future, LCC determines to become a leading law club in Hanoi by spreading the interest in law to other students and organizing many more events in order to exert a positive influence on student generations in Hanoi. 


lcc8LCC has a total number of more than 60 members with 5 departments( Department of External Affair,

Department of Organizing, Department of Public Relation, Department of Program, Department of Technology). The club holds only one Recruitment each year and acts with the purpose of inspiring a love for Law among students.

We are eagerly welcome anyone of you who want to stay in this “home”. It’s our trust that you can create future here with LCC.

 For more detailed information on the club, please contact us via either of these addresses hereunder:

Address: Student House, 91 Chua Lang, Dong Da, Hanoi