History and Heritage


Faculty of Law, Foreign Trade University was established on July 30th, 2012 (pursuant to Decision No. 869/QĐ/ĐHNT-TCHC of the President of Foreign Trade University) on the basis of Law Department, Faculty of Business Administration.

Predecessor of Faculty of Law is Law Department, part of Expertise Faculty. The formation and development of Law Department went hand in hand with those of Foreign Trade University. In 1960, Foreign Trade University was established as a subordinate unit of the then Foreign Trade Ministry (equivalent to Ministry of Industry and Trade now) with the duty of mono-disciplinary and in-depth education of staff for the foreign trade field and was given the mission of education of foreign trade personnel meeting four requirements: good physical health, competent foreign trade expertise, high foreign language capability, competence in international trade law and expertise. To implement the mission, Expertise Faculty of Foreign Trade University was established in 1960, consisting of Departments, including Law Department. Law Department passed through further growth and development when Foreign Trade University was transferred to be under the control of Ministry of Education and Training and given the mission of education of multi-disciplinary and multi-sector high quality human resources.

Since the beginning, Law Department has been given the mission of legal science curriculum establishment to introduce into education programs as supplementary courses to foreign trade expertise subjects. Law Department performed the duty of scientific research enhancement in cooperation with other domestic and foreign universities, research institutes toward the combination of law and specialized expertise, exporting-importing skills and contract drafting and dispute settlement skills… Nowadays, Law Department has taken up the duty of curriculum formation of law subjects for all disciplines and majors at Foreign Trade University.

At the formation, Law Department consisted of only two lecturer members of the then Expertise Faculty (equivalent to Faculty of Foreign Trade Economy later on). By its inclusion into Faculty of Business Administration, Law Department had consisted of 12 full-time lecturers, including 1 associate professor, 4 doctors and many masters with domestic and foreign education background. In 2010 – the 50th anniversary of the University, Law Department involved 18 lecturers (at Campus 1 in Hanoi and Campus 2 in Ho Chi Minh City), including 01 professor,03 associate professors, 05doctors, 06 law masters and many law doctor and master candidates educated in the Great Britain, Switzerland, Japan… Lecturers of the Department were members of various state-, ministry- and city-level scientific research projects and involved in a variety of international projects on international trade law education and research such as the Multilateral Trade Assistance Project  (MUTRAP I, II, III); International Business Master Education Project in cooperation with TOUR University, France, etc. Law Department has been praised by the university heads as one of the most developed departments at Foreign Trade University. By July, 2012, on the formation of Faculty of Law, it had involved 26 lecturers, in which lecturers holding master degrees upward constitute more than 76% (26/6). Lecturers of the Department have held various significant positions in state bodies as well as within the university, such as, Head of Legal Department at Ministry of Foreign Trade, President of Vietnam International Arbitration Center, President of Foreign Trade University as well as other existing Vice President positions

Starting with the responsibility for the only one subject of “Law applying to foreign trade” in the External Economy Discipline, up to now, Law Department has been responsible for 16 legal science subjects for all disciplines of Economics, Business Administration, Finance and Banking, covering majors of External Economy, International Economics, International Business Administration, International Business Law, International Finance…

Since the 2012-2013 school year, in the context of the implementation of the mission of law bachelor education, specializing in international trade law major at Foreign Trade University, Faculty of Law has taken up 26 subjects belonging to the law major (in addition to other relevant subjects in the economic area).

The above information of the establishment and development history of Faculty of Law, Foreign Trade University signals the promising future which involves enthusiasm and solidarity of all Faculty members to overcome difficulties and successfully fulfil the authorized mission.

Faculty of Law is determined to fulfil the mission on the basis of: Professionalism, Integrity and Innovation.