Mission and strategy


Pursuant to Decision No. 869/QĐ-ĐHNT-TCHC dated 30/7/2012 by President of Foreign Trade University on the establishment of Faculty of Law, the functions and duties of Faculty of Law are as follows: 

I. Functions of Faculty of Law 

Counseling and assisting the President with the training and foster operations, scientific research in specialized areas under the control of the Faculty. Educational, scientific research and personnel management of the Faculty and students as authorized by the University.

II. Duties of Faculty of Law 

1. Planning annual operations to get the approval from the President.

2. Counseling and assisting the President with the management, synthesis, proposal-making, implementation organization of educational and scientific research activities of lecturers in the University.

3. Establishing curricula, teaching and studying schemes, organizing educational procedure and other educational activities according to the curriculum and teaching scheme of the University.

4. Managing lecturers and students and allocating teaching staffs on the basis of authorization of the President.

5. Managing the quality and subject-matters of educational methodologies and scientific research.

6. Organizing the compilation of curricula, course textbooks as authorized by the President. Organizing researches in teaching and studying methodology innovations.

7. Planning and implementing activities of education of politics, thoughts, ethics and lifestyles for the teaching staff and students. Fostering specialized knowledge and expertise of Faculty lecturers.

8. Cooperating with relevant bodies to assist the President with the formation of development guideline, education scale, curricula, scientific research schemes, technology implementation and management of administrative staff and lecturers of Faculty.

9. Holding workshops as authorized.

10. Managing the allocated facilities and equipment.