In two days (5th-6th, September, 2016), Training Workshop “International Investment Dispute Settlement under EU – Vietnam Free Trade Agreement” was held at Lien Viet Conference Room, 10th Floor, A Building, Foreign Trade University, 91 Chua Lang, Hanoi with the participation of lecturers and representatives from 15 universities from the North to the South. More importantly, the Workshop saw the presence of 3 guest lecturers, who are famous experts in the field of Investment Law.



 During the Training Workshop, guest lecturers have provided participants with general and professional knowledge about Investor – State Dispute Settlement (ISDS), especially under the EU – Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, and essential skills necessary for the competition. Additionally, they have also given examples about practical cases in order for participants to have a basic idea of settling investment disputes in the future. Guest lecturers of the Training Workshop: Prof. Julien Chaisse, Dr. Hai Yen Trinh and Solicitor Trinh Nguyen with their excellent qualifications and experience for working for years in field of International Investment have really brought about a lot of useful knowledge for participants, helped them to be well-prepared for FIAM. Thank to the enthusiasm of guest lecturers and the keen-on discussions of participants, the Training Workshop was indeed a success.

ASS Prof. Dao Thi Thu Giang

Let’s notice some important points of the Traing Workshop:

Prof. Julien Chaisse: stated about “Investor – state dispute settlement issues” from several different aspects like: ISDS in general, forms of arbitration, regulating access to arbitration and key procedural issues in the process of settling international investment dispute betwent foreign investor and state. Besides, Prof. Chaisse emphasized the rule of FIAM, the style, length and quotations of memo so as to train teams for writing memo and adversarial skills. In the process of completing the memo, Prof. Chaisse give advices such as “Clarity and consistency is key”, “Master the time”, knowing how to make convincing argument, the details speech to make use of every clues given in the case.

Prof. Julien Chaisse

 Dr. Hai Yen Trinh: She had lecture on “Investor – state dispute settlement mechanisms in EVFTA” – an important note in the process of settling dispute between foreign investor and state. With the enthusiastic sharing, she helped participants know more about ISDS under EVFTA, Procedural requirements for dispute settlent before the submission of a claim and also Dispue settlement by EVFTA Investment Tribunal.

Prof. Julien Chaisse & Ph.D Hai Yen Trinh

Solicitor Trinh Nguyen: In the produral process of dispute settlement, the Lawyers of claiment and defendant always play important roles to fight for their right and benefits. Solicitor Trinh Nguyen, who is experienced in Arbitration and Mediation, stated “Lawyers’ role in different stages of a dispute” from the Dispute-arising stage, Negotiation, mediation stages before the case is handled, The stage when the dispute is brought to a competent tribunal, to Arbitrator appointment stage and The consultation stage to apply provisional emergency measures.

Along with the time with guest lecturers discussing the topic of the Training Workshop : “International Investment Dispute Settlement under EU – Vietnam Free Trade Agreement”, the atmosphere of lessons waselevatedwith interesting games. Throughout these games, participants got the feeling of relaxing, tie the knot, proximity. Especially, they bursted into laughers and spiritual shakes about the punishment “Chicken dance”.And last but not least, after hearing the analyses, judgments and assessments from the speakers, Q&A column took place very exaltedly with spirit of progression. The speakers were asked with many questions about illuminating practical processes, conflicts in Vietnam and other countries based on EVFTA and the problems involved in solving conflicts of FTA Vietnam – EU. In conclusion, the speakers provided essential information, which was a chance for teachers in CLE’s schools and representatives of school teams to approach the subject of competition more easily and thoroughly.

The organizers would like to express sincere thanks to the participants of teachers, deputies and students. Especially, the 3 professional speakers had brought an important contribution to the success of the Training Workshop.